Developing Commercial Ehr Systems For A Health Information Exchange ( Hie ) Platform

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Introduction Though the new system has received much praise, a problem arises when communication between two or more EHR systems becomes poor and ineffective. Currently, some companies have ventured into developing commercial EHR systems following the product’s growing market. The reason behind this is to allow sharing of patient information within a Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform; the expected outcome is improved care regardless of what hospital a patient is in. Jolly (2011), affirms there are “more than 300 electronic health record systems in the market”. This means that competition is growing in this sector and each developer is looking to emerge as the victor in terms of sales and installations. Though having numerous HER…show more content…
They define standardization as “allowing data to be shared and viewed anywhere, independent of hardware or software.” This concept is the reason behind the success of World Wide Web as websites are easily accessible to all computers, mobile phones, regardless of the browser of operating system one is using. Currently, there is little to no standardization that is identified when it comes to dealing with medical information (Greenway, Epic achieve EHR interoperability, 2013) A possible reason is that EHR systems are owned and developed through privatized means. Such an evolution contrasts with the internet whereby the government and educational institutions are credited for having developed the idea. Undoubtedly, there is a dire need of wanting to connect or link different computer systems. It is unfortunate that EHRS are based on a policy of keeping information or data private thus disallowing any attempts for it to be shared. As of now, the only way to share data is through forcing developers who at the moment are looking to create their own technique of doing so (Notto & Skolnik, 2014). In similar fashion, Otto (2014) emphasizes on the need to have a standardized system that is not bound by the hardware, software or even operation system that one is using. He argues that the lack of standardization in EHR systems blocks the potential of finding possible
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