Developing Corporate Culture : Role For The Growth And Success Of Any Organization

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Developing Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays key role for the growth and success of any organization. Corporate culture comprises of the people and their behavioural activities, which include vision values, character, plans, follow up, beliefs, habits, technology, communication, assumption, management and many other parameters. Humans are only subjects have the skills to think in any organization, remaining all other body like instruments, techniques or technology will always fallow the guidelines given by the people who are working in the company. So, the performance of people and creative management will always reflect the growth of any organization. The follow studies confer about the importance of corporate
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AA group ltd is an established company and have more years of experience in the market but, still it was faced global crisis. However the company followed the procedures like changing the managerial position, creating new work environment, communication between employees and management and finding the region where their products have demand. Using these ways they succeed again in the market.

1.2 Explain the differences between organizational cultures of AA group and British national culture.

British national culture is quite hard to understand for the foreigners, it take longer than few month or fee meetings. British national culture follows the rules like politeness, saying excuses/ apology for any small incident, privacy, respecting others values and follows the exact procedures given by the higher officials. Few official surveys saying that most of the British nationals vales their privacy and don’t like to interfere with their personal things. It is hard for foreigners to adopt this, because every foreigner has their own culture. As an organization it is vital to mingle and communicate in the way customer needs and traditions. The organization AA group also follow the complete change in their managerial level and the culture of working people and that helps them to grow their success levels and competent to the other global markets.
1.3 Analyse the corporate cultural profile in AA group organization

AA group ltd is an established company has been
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