Developing Corporate Culture : Role For The Growth And Success Of Any Organization

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Developing Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays key role for the growth and success of any organization. Corporate culture comprises of the people and their behavioural activities, which include vision values, character, plans, follow up, beliefs, habits, technology, communication, assumption, management and many other parameters. Humans are only subjects have the skills to think in any organization, remaining all other body like instruments, techniques or technology will always fallow the guidelines given by the people who are working in the company. So, the performance of people and creative management will always reflect the growth of any organization. The follow studies confer about the importance of corporate culture and influence of managerial skills for the success of any organization using a case study from AA Group LTD, Cambridgeshire, UK.

1.1 Explain how models of organizational culture can be used to achieve organizational objectives at AA Group Limited

In general, organizational cultures have great impact on behavioural activities of people working inside and outside like stakeholders, clients, suppliers, etc.
To understand more about the corporate cultures, it has been classified in to 4 categories.
1. Collaborate Culture
2. Creative Culture
3. Control Culture
4. Competitive Culture

It is been necessary to change the system according to the changes in the market, availabilility, demand, global demands and effectiveness of people in the…
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