Developing Countries During World War II

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1. Introduction: Since World War II, trade between growing and manufacturing nations has strengthened and borrowing of poor countries from the rich countries has increased. The growing link between these two groups of economies increased eventually in addition to the increase in the rate of dependability amongst them. With the rapid growth in wealth and industrialization of the First World, only a few developing countries managed to have adequate economic growth on the line of the developed countries. Many of the developing countries which were poor at that time still remained to be poor today even today in comparison to the industrialized nations. Dearth of capital and skilled labor produces a low level of per capita income preventing the developing countries to realize their economies of scale through which many of the developed countries benefit from. Several attempts have been made by developed countries to decrease the disparities between rich and the poor economies. To finance their domestic investment, developing countries rely on other governments or international organizations like International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank to procure loans. Besides these loans, foreign investments in these countries are financed by private companies, this from of investment is known as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). In case of FDIs, the foreign companies, especially Transnational Corporations (TNCs), invest in the growing nations and remain as the solitary owners of these
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