Developing Countries Facing Wide Range Of Low Health Care

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I. Introduction
One of today’s world problem that has not yet to change is developing countries facing wide range of low health care. According to the studies, during the past 10 years healthcare has made a drastic change in developing countries. The concept of health has been described as injustice, unfair, and unavoidable. In the research, the inequalities in health of the developing status show to be related to income and other socio-economic factors. In the articles presented in this essay mentions the lack of attention health care that is provided in most developing countries. Besides the problem of health care, the articles also provide possible solutions. This essay aims to reveal the solutions of health care that is presented by
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To elaborate on the concern of health care, the major causes of poor health care should be establish.
III. Background
Poverty is a major cause of ill health and a barrier to accessing health care when needed.
The poor countries have lack of resources to maintain a healthy environment, including
Sufficient quantities of quality food and health care. According to “Inequities among the very
Poor: health care for children in rural southern Tanzania” states that “In a very poor area of rural Tanzania, with high morbidity and mortality rates, our results suggest that the main difference between the poorest children and those who are better off is not in the likelihood of falling ill, but in the probability of obtaining suitable treatment once ill” (Armstrong Schellenberg at el 5). There is a higher probability of ill children in rural places like Tanzania but the help of those who can’t afford a proper health care is low. Other factors related to low health care, is the lack of information on appropriate health-promoting practices or lack of voice needed to make social services work for them. In this study according to the article
“Who Is at Greatest Risk for Receiving Poor-Quality Health Care”, shown that “individual
Characteristics that often have a protective effect do not shield most people from deficits in the quality of health care” (8). As show in the articles, some

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