Developing Countries Mega Events

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The Issues Developing Countries face when Hosting and bidding for ‘Mega Events’



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I. Introduction 4

II. Developed Nations traditionally host ‘Mega-Events’ 6

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IV. Conclusion and Outlook based on selection criteria 23

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Smaller European Cities such as Istanbul and Leipzig were also withdrawn from the running at the same IOC assembly in Singapore. (Wilson)

Swiss based Sports federations such as the IOC and FIFA have always tended to follow tactic similar to their country’s banking systems, which is to be risk averse. Developing nations seem to offer a whole host of challenges that hinder their bids being accepted. The aim of this paper is to analyze the problems facing developing nations and trying to find ways to ensure that developing nations can compete on an even playing field with established economically nations when competing for ‘mega-events’. This will be achieved by analyzing the selection criteria that governing bodies use when judging nations bids to host mega-events and by looking at the Olympic bid of Qatar, a developing nation with a strong economy. Qatar has superb sports facilities that the government are attempting to leverage in its bids for both the World Cup and Olympics. However, as is the case with all developing nations it faces a unique set of challenges that hinder its desire to host ‘mega-events’.

Table: Developed Nations traditionally host ‘Mega-Events’


The Selection Process

Over the last few years the ways that federations such as the IOC and FIFA have selected cities and nations for their flagship event has changed dramatically. For example, during the
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