Developing Countries Supporting Afghanistan As A Developing Country

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Afghanistan is a developing country; the country has faced troubles and difficulties soon after its independence. They have had problems in the development of constitutions and regulations. The selection of leader was an issue and one of the major tasks was to prepare military for the defence as well as the protection of the state. In order to resolve all these issues, finance was the significant need.
Despite problems the country is upgrading slowly and gradually. There are numerous countries supporting Afghanistan in terms of finance and monetary forms, but the support provided by International Monetary Fund is significant. International Monetary Fund along with World Bank is serving Afghanistan since its partition and they both have lent a huge sum of finance to the government so that they can continue with the progress and prosperity of the state.
Considering the financial figures than according to the figures taken out by the Development Assistance Committee of OECD, an approximate of twenty billion dollars was endowed to the state in between 1960 till 2002. This is such a huge amount that assisted Afghanistan to rehabilitate its industries, factories and businesses.
The above amount was actually derived from the three major international financial academies. They are International Monetary Funds, Asian Development Banks and World Banks.
The topic effect of war and peace on the foreign aid and will include foreign aid provided to Afghanistan along with…
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