Developing Countries 's Basic Survival Issues

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Developing countries face many issues that developed countries don’t have to worry about. From structural problems within the government, to issues with feeding their citizens these countries struggle with what appears to be basic survival issues. In comparison to developed countries, citizens of developing countries life expectancy is shorter, This doesn’t mean that they lack the resources needed to succeed, a majority of these countries just lack the ability to manage their resources efficiently. Corruption, exploitation and lack of a stable economy prevent these developing countries from transitioning from developing to a developed nation . developing countries are defined as poor agricultural country that are seeking to become more advance economically and socially (Webster dictionary ). These countries are usually labelled based on their Gross domestic product( GDP). The GDP measures the value of the economic activity within that country. This can be a good insight to how the citizens of the nations are living by measuring the quality of life, unemployment and how much revenue is coming in from the outer nations. For these nations to fully develop economically and socially, they have to develop politically. This attempt to grow is often shut down due to the lack of a stable economy, exploitation by developed countries and corruption from within their governments. It is evident that in order for developing nations to succeed, the government system has to restructure

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