Developing Country And The Development Of A Country

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There is a difference between the development in a country and the development of a country. I had the unique experience in 1989 while attending an international event called the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students hosted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to observe this reality. I was part of the US delegation of 100 American youth who were permitted to attend the conference by the US State Department. Nearly 180 countries and in excess of 200,000 youth from all over the world and DPRK citizens attended the conference that focused on international politics, sports and cultural activities. In plenary sessions, 7 languages were simultaneously translated. Because we were the US delegation, special attention was paid to us in a diplomatic attempt by the leader’s son, Kim Jong Il, to relate to our delegation’s leadership, youth leader to youth leader in the “spirit of international peace and friendship”. Hundreds of millions of dollars was spent by North Korea on large cathedrals, hotels, water and sewage projects, elegant subways, railways with pristine commuter cars, extensive road paving, enormous statuesque monuments dedicated to their “Supreme Leader” Kim il Sung, totalitarian dictator of the DPRK at that time. At the same time that this big international event occurred in the DPRK with millions in expenditures on a lavish global display of totalitarian vanity, hundreds of thousands of citizens of the DPRK did not have adequate food, housing or
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