Developing Critical Thinking Skills Is A Duty Of All Teachers

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Developing critical thinking skills is a duty of all teachers; and if teachers fail to use learning opportunities and produce a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, they are failing their students. Critical thinking allows students to see things from different perspectives in an unbiased way. It also encourages students to think for themselves and to question things. Finally, it teaches students that learning is fluid and builds upon itself. Learning to think critically takes time; and teachers can use questions, cooperative learning, and feedback to help students develop this important skill that they will use all of their lives.

Professional Knowledge Base One way that teachers can develop critical thinking in students is by asking questions (Barell, 2003). Questioning makes students look at things from different perspectives (Clark & Whitney, 2009). According to a recent study by Clark and Whitney (2009), “Seeing things from different perspectives allows students to see things as if they are walking in their shoes” (p. 530). This allows students to see the bigger picture. Students do not know everything about every single topic, so it gives others a chance to persuade students’ thinking. While listening to other’s ideas, students must keep an open mind and think about the other person’s background while considering the information they are providing (Beckham, 2001). 1 John 4:1 says, “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the…
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