Developing Cultural Competency

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than just observations. They want to know what information can they gather from observations from one culture that will allow them to predict what will happen in a different environment. Economist focus on cause and effect theory. It is interesting to think how Science and Economics go hand in hand.
Chapter Fourteen in the textbook discusses cultural economics. “The rise of communication technology and the effects of globalization and environmental concerns have spawned a growing body of shared knowledge that forces us to recognize the interlocking networks and structural systems that create wealth for some and violence, suffering, and disposability for others” (Lum, p. 391).
Developing Cultural Competency
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Robert Wright, a sociologist and social worker, gives a presentation on cultural competence. He states that there are 3 main principles to cultural competence. The first principle is to be aware of our cultural differences. The second principle is to understand our social circumstances. The third principle is being able to communicate and work cross-culturally in any environment. I think it is very important to research the backgrounds of every culture because it allows you to understand their behavior and the things they say. It is very helpful in the workplace.
Chapter One of the textbook discusses the concept of Cultural proficiency as an important aspect of cultural competency. LaFromboise, Coleman, and Gerton (1993) suggest that “a culturally competent individual possesses a strong personal identity, has knowledge of the beliefs and values of the culture, and displays sensitivity to the effective processes of the culture” (Diller, p.
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