Developing Entrepreneurial Intention Among Students As Tool For Economic Development

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Developing entrepreneurial intention among students as tool for economic development “Make in India” calls for robust growth of all the sectors of the economy, more so of the manufacturing sector. Entrepreneurial innovations and initiatives, creation of new jobs and higher economic growth are becoming concern for the society, government and public administration of the country. The creation of businesses is one of the major interventions that lead to solution to unemployment problem (White and Reynolds, 1996), the economic and regional development (Reynolds et. al, 2002) and promotion of innovation (Hisrich and Peters, 1989). Therefore, in order to focus economic development program to create new business, promoting entrepreneurial intent among the people is to be a prerequisite. Indian government is allowing MNCs to establish their business in India to optimally utilize national resources. This will check the tendency of indigenous companies to focus only on domestic market and make them to become competitive so that they may also transform into MNCs. However, without having core competences, initiative and intent, how Indigenous business may become competitive. In the post liberalized era, entrepreneurship became an important field of research. Furthermore, it has been acknowledged that youth play an important role in designing the policies for entrepreneurship to promote the creation of business. The cultural environment and social affiliation, approval and attitude
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