Developing Global Cultural Competency

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Organisational culture is shaped not only by technologies and markets, but also by the cultural preferences of its leaders and employees.Each organisation have different fundamental about how they operated base on their beliefs, values and activities.Culture is a key component in business which have an impact on the strategic direction of the organisation that influences management, business decisions and organisation functions such as meetings, negotiation and formalities.Therefore organisational culture is related to behaviour, ethics, etiquette that included as an organisation’s values, hierarchical system, working style, beliefs and habits.The rising presence of globalisation have led to a more global market which means that its mandatory for an international organisation to be aware of cultural differences.Fons Trompenaars argued that there are universal dilemmas or problems that every country and the organisations within that country faces ;relationships with people, time and in relations between the individual and the natural environment. It just how different cultural nations approach these dilemmas that at the end would lead to the same kind of response.

Developing global cultural competency is one of the most challenging aspects of working globally due to managing different business operations and management styles that each have its own organisational culture that differ from others.What is consider a viable management theory in one organisational culture
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