Developing Good Business Sense

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Developing Good Business Sense 07/06/2014 BUS 210 The three establishments that I choose for this project were Burger King, Barnes & Noble, and McDonalds. I have paid close attention to how the employees performed their task. I will talk about the kinds of OMM costs companies have and how does this affect their OMM operations. Also, I will be talking about how these companies made their operating systems to give them an advantage over their competitors. The main goal of the operations manager is to make the customers happy and make them want to come back to their establishment. By properly observing and managing their business’s operations, they can see what sells and make sure that those products are available. This cannot…show more content…
Both of these companies have very similar operations. The goals for both of these restaurants are to serve the customer to the best of their ability and to outperform other fast food restaurants. Though they dabble in the same product, they make and offer them in a different way. The operations and materials management is to project the amount of sales they will have and anticipate inventory to make customers have a great experience in their establishment. Each business has their own trademarks and also uses different suppliers, Both of these restaurants also use mass productions as the form of operating systems by developing things to make their foods quickly and less expensive for not only them, but for their customers as well. The operating systems within both of these companies are ran the exact same. Their goal is to supply the customers with quick and good food so they can satisfy their goal; they need to predict the amount of business that will be done on a day by day and increase what they need to give great service or decrease inventory so they will not have to waste it. They need to anticipate business and reduce the time it takes to make their product. Both of these companies use an assembly line in order to make their products in an organized and fast way. Each employee performs their tasks in sequence and anything that stops them from doing what it takes can and will interrupt the final
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