Developing Good Character And Correcting Deviant Behavior Early Americas Youth

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The Juvenile Justice Court is one of the most important courts of limited jurisdiction in the justice system (Carp, Stidham, Manning, 2012). Developing good character and correcting deviant behavior early in Americas youth is essential to the future generation. According to May and Ruddell (2012), the fist idea of segregating juvenile criminality from adults came about in the early 1800 and in 1899 Chicago was the first city in America to establish a juvenile court. In Georgia, the first child court was established in 1911 in Fulton County, GA and today all counties have one juvenile court to process minors committing delinquent acts or Status offences (Juvenile Justice, n.d.). Georgia juvenile court judges in most cases are appointed by the chief judge of the superior court in the circuit. However, the superior court judges in smaller counties or areas with low populations will preside over juvenile cases without appointing a special jurisdictional justice (Juvenile Justice, n.d.). For instance, where I currently live Judge O. Brent Green appointed by the 1st circuit chief judge is the juvenile jurist in Camden County, GA (Camden County Juvenile Court, n.d.). Children under the age of 17 years fall under the Juvenile Justice System’s authority. Juvenile court has jurisdiction over delinquent acts (would be a criminal act for an adult), status offences, traffic offences and children considered to be abused, neglected or deprived. On the other hand, a 1994 amendment to

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