Developing Grading Rubrics: The Perfect Pizza and the Perfect Course

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"Developing Grading Rubrics: The Perfect Pizza and the Perfect Course" Grading Rubric for the Perfect Pizza 1.Pizza arrives to the table at the optimum temperature. The pizza must be only slightly cooled from the oven and still too hot to eat, to ensure that it was freshly made and all the ingredients have melded together to make them stay on the slice as it cools. 2.Pizza contains the right amount of all ingredients, including sauce, cheese, vegetables and meat in a ratio that makes it so that nearly each bite one takes of a slice contains every ingredient. 3.Pizza ingredients must be fresh, with vegetables slightly crisp, dough proofed but not over leavened and the meat and cheese tasting like they have just been sliced and cooked. 4.Pizza must have a sauce that is flavorful but not overpowering, with no acidic burn and no overly sweet overtones and is applied to the pizza sparingly, so it does not pool in any one spot and overpower the other ingredients. 5.Pizza must have a fully cooked, but not burned crust that is both soft and slightly chewy, like really well made artisan bread. There should be no place on the crust that the crust has bubbled so much that the slice looses all its ingredients and should be fully cooked with no doughy center. Grading Rubric for Educational Psychology Course 1.Course materials must be topical but interesting. All the course materials for this class must be both engaging and interesting, capable of keeping the student's attention

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