Developing Gross And Fine Motor Skills

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Throughout generations there have been many toys developed for toddlers, never the less the basic principle remains the same: By means of playing with toys the toddler is learning to understand their world. This author will discuss common toys for toddlers and how the use of these toys may be affected by the principles of assimilation and accommodation, according to Feldman (2014). Piaget’s theory will be explained this author will also explore how these toys help in developing gross and fine motor skills. Feldman (2014) states that “Piaget’s Theory is based on a stage approach to development” (p.144). It is supposed that children move through a series of similar stages in a particular order from the time of birth to adolescence. Feldman (2014) discussed these stages and explains that a child will move through these stages when an appropriate level of maturity has taken place physically with significant interaction, through experiences. Therefore, once a child has reached the toddler years, he/she will have passed through several of Piaget’s six sub stages of the sensorimotor stages. Piaget suggests that when a child has reached a certain level of physical development and has experienced pertinent experiences, the child will pass through to the next stage in a gradual, steady transformation of behavior (Feldman, 2014). To understand the principles of assimilation and accommodation in the respect of the common toys that toddlers play with one…
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