Developing High Performance Team

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Developing a High Performance Team Purpose: In today’s industries, companies demand a kind of responsiveness, speed, and quality that is beyond the reach of individual performance. High performance teams generate commitment and provide the structures that inspire employees to give their very best effort. Compared to employees working alone, teams make better decisions, products, and services. Companies rely on team’s ability to perform at high levels and quickly adapt to escalating demands. With the right number of people and complimentary skills teams work together and fuse their talents to deliver tangible performance results. Teams commit to a common purpose for which they hold themselves collectively accountable.…show more content…
Norms serve important purposes for the team by reducing the risk of conflict between team members, and preserving their values. A good strategy would be to bring in team members with appropriate values. Checking Teams Purpose: “Team members who share a common purpose work for a cause and not just a paycheck. They find satisfaction both in and outside of the practice. They give both their time and their energy, often staying late to finish work, share new ideas, or refine procedures. Team members who share a strong sense of purpose are considerate of their teammates and go out of their way to make sure everyone’s needs are met. They come to work regularly and stay for the long term (Sanna).” Essential elements: Communication is a source of strength for teamwork. It is essential to keep all members informed and ensure that no one is left wondering. The leader needs to make extra efforts to make sure everyone on the team understands the plan and progress for its completion. Initiative from members is important to identify problems/issues and offer solutions or suggest alternative ideas. Timely feedbacks are an essential activity to get forth and idea and demonstrate support of all members. Team members share the same vision; they focus on attaining objectives and achieve their goals. Involvement of each member to contribute their unique knowledge and expertise is important for the team to
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