Developing Knowledge : My Popular Ideas

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Developing Knowledge
My Popular Ideas:
1. The best way to learn new vocabulary is through reading.
2. Languages are mainly learned through imitation.
3. Teachers should respond to student’s error by correctly rephrasing what they have said rather than explicitly pointing out the error.
4. The best predictor is success in second language acquisition is motivation.
Popular Idea #1
I agree that learning vocabulary through extensive reading is best. Extensive reading leaves students to discover words on their own. Extensive reading also encourages motivation because students will be left with words they are familiar with. From there, they will be curious of their meanings. When students come across an unfamiliar word, they go to great lengths to discover its meaning; students looked them up in the dictionary, look for contextual clues, and pay attention to the prefixes and suffixes. The tricky thing about extensive reading is that not all students will be inclined to simply read extensively. However, the majority of children can benefit therefore, it should be the ideal method of teaching vocabulary and exceptions can be addressed. Teachers should promote extensive reading because it can lead to more vocabulary growth than other programs that involve explicit instruction. (Krashen, 1989). Extensive reading is also best because it allows teachers to be flexible with the material and lesson plans. It can be done in or out of the classroom for homework. Many teachers have…
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