Developing Leaders Essay

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Peter F. Drucker once said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things” (, n. d.). Leading is a key function of management. Without leadership, valuable time spent on planning, organizing, and controlling can be lost with no productive end result. Because leadership is the core of management, a great deal of focus must be placed on its key components. “Leading means influencing other people to get the job done, maintaining morale, molding company structure and managing conflicts and communication” (Dessler, 2004, p. 3). Effective leadership is the foundation for any business. Developing leaders, leading strategic planning, overcoming obstacles, and motivating and …show more content…
On the downside, students may not have had the opportunity to use and strengthen the skills they have learned. Lack of experience can hinder effectiveness. External recruiting for top talent from other companies can also be a valuable source for finding leaders. Recruits that already have been in the workforce may have hands-on experience in team building, problem solving skills, and an understanding of how to interact with employees.
A second option would be to train internal personnel who demonstrate traits and skills consistent with becoming a strong leader. Several benefits could result from this option. The employee would be familiar with the inner workings and culture of the company, as well as how other employees respond to company needs. The ability to move up within an organization can be used as a motivational factor. “Employees who are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills are more inclined to take responsibility and feel pride in their work” (Gale, 2002, p.1).
With downsizing or new openings companies would have in-house experience available immediately. There is no need to wait for a hiring or training process. Empowering employees offers economic benefits for businesses, as well as a more positive culture. One apparent disadvantage for the company can be lack of new ideas. Thoughts and processes may become single-minded and outside ideas may be missed.
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