Developing Leadership Skills

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For the purpose of this assignment I shall focus on an issue within my workplace whereby my leadership skills presented as a focus point. My job involves working as a team leader for a busy community nursing service within a well populated urban area. The team comprises of a varied skill mix ranging from band 3 to band 6, some who are relatively new to the environment and others who have many years experience. In recent years there has been a rapid increase in the complexity of our caseload, as a team leader it became clear to me that the implementation of clinical supervision would be beneficial in empowering and supporting our staff by helping them to develop the skills necessary to effectively
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| Attend the clinical supervision study day for staff and familiarize myself with the clinical supervision trust policy to ensure I have up to date knowledge. | Study time to attend the study day and time to read the policy.Read books about how to conduct clinical supervision. This will enhance my understanding of how to conduct supervision myself. | Beginning of November 2010 (within three weeks) | Successful implementation of clinical supervision by supervising 2 members of staff, received positive verbal feedback.Enhanced knowledge of clinical supervision process. | | Identify why clinical supervision is not already implemented.To interview staff individually to find out their opinions on clinical supervision and how they feel about it. | Time to speak to each member of the team (10 in total).Emotional intelligence skills. | By middle of November 2010 (within five weeks) | Achieved:Met with all members of staff individually.Results of fact finding of the current supervision process within the team. | | Propose my plans to my manager for approval/buy in. | Knowledge of leadership styles and approaches.Time to write proposed plan and meet with my manager to discuss. | Before end of November 2010 | Achieved: My manager approved the plan. |
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