Developing Long Lasting Employee Motivation Essay

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In order to be successful in the work field you need motivation. Without it, you would not be able to work because motivation is directly related to physical and mental focus. Once you become focused you become a team player. Knowing your role in the workplace can only lead to good things, like moving up in the company, getting promoted, getting a raise, switching job locations and showing your employer how much his investment in you is worth.

Motivation comes from the ability to reflect on yourself and your team. That’s why being a team leader and making insightful statements will keep you going.

There are many ways to develop long lasting employee motivation in the workplace. For example a simple pay increase that is awarded to an employee who has excelled in performance and productivity. Many companies allow this type of award but with restrictions regarding timeframes and limits. Second is Recognition. This is a great way to show others how great your employee is doing. Express to them how you notice that they come to work on time everyday, how they are always the first to participate in group meetings or work events. Recognition is very important to the employees because it shows you are paying attention and acknowledging what it is that they are doing.

Many employees would like to advance in their career/field, but for most of the time don 't inquire about it. Managers can still motivate employees that they feel are promotable. A simple conversation alone will
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