Developing Long Term Care Facilities

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The need for effective health care and incidence of chronic health conditions are expected to increase considerably with the aging of the baby boomers’ population. It is estimated that number of Americans with chronic health conditions will reach 150 million by the year 2030 (Joseph 2006). Furthermore, current long-term care facilities designed decades ago are lagging behind the legal regulation that were established, while not accommodating the needs of the staff and the clients comfortably. Some the facilities are facing regulatory challenges that emanate from the original design and intended use. Subsequently, the requirements for cost-effective long-term care facilities must be carefully considered and planned for to
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The research and interview indicated that we need to address certain impediments to providing effective long-term care especially for patients with dementia. Currently, we have some patients who have dementia with challenging behaviors. Not only these, we need effective in-service and pre-service training for both staff and family members on how to meaningfully work with people with challenging behavior problems due to dementia. Also, we need to increase community awareness and services provision of people with dementia as we provide excellent care to our clients. Hence, our plan will include dementia-friendly facility, expanding support and interventions for family members. Last year one of the patients with dementia broke the window and left the building. It took more than an hour before it was realized that one of the patients was missing.
The interview provided adequate priorities and strategies for the facility planning. Some of the strategies can be implemented to provide effective guide action for the facility plan. The plan will be a progressive document that will be subsequently updated and restructured as we gain new information and input before finalizing the structure. It is expected that new priorities could emerge to effectively develop and finalize the future facility redesign. The objective is to provide superior quality coordinated care facility in which all stakeholders feel comfortable.
Furthermore, our
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