Developing Long Term Care Facilities

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The need for effective health care and incidence of chronic health conditions are expected to increase considerably with the aging of the baby boomers’ population. It is estimated that number of Americans with chronic health conditions will reach 150 million by the year 2030 (Joseph 2006). Furthermore, current long-term care facilities designed decades ago are lagging behind the legal regulation that were established, while not accommodating the needs of the staff and the clients comfortably. Some the facilities are facing regulatory challenges that emanate from the original design and intended use. Subsequently, the requirements for cost-effective long-term care facilities must be carefully considered and planned for to accommodate current and emerging needs of all stake holders. We need to redesign our facility to meet regulatory challenges, emerging technological needs and future health care needs of the consumers and other stakeholders. Successful and effective design in long-term care originates with a master plan. In this paper, I will focus on renovation of existing long-term care facility, summarize my research findings including explanation of the need for the facility renovation and summarize the research findings and describe the types of facilities and services offered in my local community, and explore the role of health care administrators in facilities planning decisions to meet legal and regulatory challenges while including the anticipated…
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