Developing Mobile Web Based Application

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Developing Mobile Web Based Applications: An Introduction Date: 10/11/2013 Unit Title: Unit Number: H17J34 Word Count: 1279 Contents Page Introduction In this essay I will examine and discuss the following areas; the structure of the mobile industry, the differences between the ranges of platforms available, the target device range along with design principles, product development and design solutions. Structure of the Mobile Industry A mobile device is relatively small, handheld computing device that usually consists of a touch screen and/or miniature keyboard. Prime examples of these are the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy although there are many others that also fall into the category.…show more content…
UMPCs have a screen size of less than 7” and weigh less than two pounds. UMPCs tend to run on fully-fledged operating systems such as Windows XP although can be known to run off Windows CE or other specialized operating systems. Devices like these are popular as they allow the user to run software typically found on a traditional computer unlike that on a tablet or smartphone. Design Principles of Mobile Web Applications CSS For maximum compatibility mobile websites should be laid out using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and not tables. Resolution Mobile devices come in a range of different sizes and aspect ratios. Developing your website with this in mind can help to ensure that users do not have to scroll left and right to view the whole of your webpage. Design with fingers in mind By creating click targets a minimum of 30-40px in size and making use of whitespace in between these can help to make navigating around your website a whole lot easier for your users. Download Time Keep download times to a minimum for example by using lower resolution images and storing them in a single CSS file. This is necessary for users connecting to the web on traditional mobile data connections such as 3G. Plug Ins Most mobile browsers do not support plugins or extensions especially those such as flash, apart from compatibility these can also be a massive drain on the devices battery. Forms Filling out forms on mobile devices can be
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