Developing My Identity

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“Pay no mind to what other people say; whatever makes an individual happy is what he or she should do.” This quote comes from my grandmother, who tries her best to teach me about an individual’s personal identity. An individual’s identity represents who he or she truly is; it is something that allows a specific person to stand out from the crowd. During an individual’s life, he or she will come across many obstacles that will shape her or his being and will further shape her or him into someone with particular traits, or an identity. During my life, I grew up with six older siblings who each had voices and opinions quite different than mine. Although I felt different from everyone else, there was always one person who I related to, my …show more content…
One very important aspect of my identity is the fact that I am very accepting of choices made by other people, whether I agree with the paths they have chosen or not. A very important lesson I learned at a young age was that not everyone is going to encourage someone to follow her or his dreams; many people will show no encouragement at all. This is the reason individuals must have a sense of self respect, self-worth, and a lot of courage to get through life. The three aspects of identity previously listed also describe my identity as a whole. I have shown my identity by engaging in conversations with people and encouraging people to follow their dreams. An example of a time when I felt as though I helped someone with my words of encouragement was when I was walking back to my dorm and found one of my classmates crying on a bench alone. I asked her what was the matter, and she spilled her emotions out to me. I gave her my best advice, and, even though my advice did not take all of the pain away, I know it helped her in some way. Sometimes all someone needs is an ounce of encouragement to gain a combination of self respect, self-worth, and, most important, courage. These three aspects of identity have been instilled in my brain by my grandmother for as long as I can remember, and this is why it is she who has been my greatest influence and role model in life.

While reading Hairstyles of the Damned, I came across many
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