Developing New Strategy For The Cost Of Eeg Machines

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Innovating for Emerging Markets Emerging trends that results in GE Healthcare developing new strategy for the cost of EEG machines. Per Immelt, Govindarajan, and Trimble (2009), “general electric and other industrial-goods manufactures based on rich countries grew by developing high-product at home and to distribute them globally.” The external influence has affected the healthcare practice in many hospitals, just because these external forces do not originate from the hospitals but are externally created, and the hospital must adjust their condition in response to the external factors. Government legislation is one of the external factors affecting the hospitals in a big way and important laws that has impacted the health care is the…show more content…
How will they provide the highest possible quality care at the lowest cost is the question challenging them to ponder against their will unless the government has outlined incentives on return. All in all, whether there are incentives or not, the administration will be requiring to change their financial structure purposively to accommodate the changes (Kuo, 2012). This varies from the pay structure to purchasing cost as well as regarding another overhead cost to be incurred, otherwise, how would they manage, treat diseases while still maintaining low affordable rates for everyone. Also, with increased changes in technology consequently even making the process lot easier to the patients while delivering the medical care to the patients’ home will necessitate a significant shift in the administration. Meanwhile, the pay model will change for the physicians who will earn the high salary as compared to the previous fee- for procedure model of payment. Following the requirement of ACA act, the implications are that administrators will be required to carry a concerted, well-coordinated effort to address these massive challenges. This means that the highly skilled practitioners should adopt other new roles to achieve the required improvements of quality Medicare. Other frontline workers from the nurses to the laboratory and ambulatory technicians will take new responsibilities and assume training for new roles. Usually, training and education are core necessities in

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