Developing Number Of Child Welfare Offices

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“Our Children” In The State of FL Matter Willuance Mesalien Nova Southeastern University Abstract A developing number of Child welfare offices are utilizing differential Response (DR) in a push to react all the more adaptably to child abuse and neglect reports and to better meet singular family needs. In these frameworks, families with screened-in child maltreatment reports might get either a customary examination or an alternative investigation response, contingent upon the kind of claim furthermore, different contemplations. In the state of Florida, they have set up a multitude of alternative response strategies in order to insure the safety of children who are victims of abuse or neglect. This paper gives an overview of DR in the state of Florida and highlights lessons learned and what changes that could be made to enhance current laws. According to the Child Welfare webpage, Differential Response likewise called "alternative response," "Multiple reactions," or "dual track," is a method for organizing child protective services (CPS) that takes into consideration more than one system for introductory reaction to reports of child abuse and neglect. DR underlines the significance of extensively evaluating every one of families ' circumstances to recognize and address hidden issues. While definitions and approaches change, DR reactions regularly fall into

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