Developing Others For Successful Outcomes

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Developing Others for Successful Outcomes VRIO stands for value, rarity, imitability and organization. It represents a strategic tool to assist with evaluating a company’s internal resources and capabilities as a way to provide a competitive advantage (Jurevicius, 2013). This tool can provide insight into the critical nature an organization assumes with identifying, sourcing and attracting new leadership. Leaders drive organizations, set the tone, establish culture and are ultimately accountable for organizational performance. People lead the way to successful operations. Without the right people a business is just walls and capital equipment incapable of generating value. People are the brains of an operation, ensuring the rest of the body understands the response required to function. The importance of putting the right person in the right position can prove a daunting task. Every person is unique with a different mental and physical makeup. This make up shapes a person’s beliefs and attitudes. Putting a personality that is square in a round hole can be met with disaster. There are a number of methods to help understand a person’s personality. Myers-Briggs is a personality type indicator (MBTI). It represents a method where a person answers a set of unique questions to help establish their personality traits. Understanding these traits can provide insight into how a person processes information and interacts with others. Understanding one’s personality, in
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