Developing Personal Skills

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Developing personal skills
Sexual and reproductive health is promoted in schools and the community in order to develop personal skills. Various programs have been introduced in schools to provide accurate health information to young people and enhance their skills in communication and decision-making. This empowers individuals to make their own safe choices and decreases health risks. Information on sexual health has also been incorporated into the school syllabus, so it is being taught in schools to the students by teachers. Raising awareness of STIs through media, for the general public, is a strategy being used to spread information.

The Sexual Health and Relationship Education (Share) program was created by SHine SA, South Australian Department of Health and the Department of Education and Children’s Service in 2006, involving 15 schools across South Australia. Their aim was to improve the sexual health, safety and well-being of young people in South Australia through an educational program. Although the program did not result in substantial development of health knowledge, it created stronger family and community bonds and students felt more confident discussing issues with their parents. The Share program has now become the Focus Schools Program, which is being delivered in 102 schools across South Australia. There has also an adaptation called the Aboriginal Schools Focus program which has been specifically implemented for Aboriginal schools.

Creating supportive
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