Developing Policies Of Trinidad And Tobago

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As I look at the developing policies of Trinidad and Tobago which embraces access to quality education. I found these document which supports our vision, the STRATEGIC PLAN OF THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, (MOE), (2002-2006). And MINISTRY OF EDU-CATION, EDUCATION POLICY PAPER (1993 - 2003).
In the past Trinidad and Tobago has had equity and equality issues (UNESCO, 2003) these were the developing policy that embraces access to equality education for all. And in these documents the government is focusing on the education system and is looking into the Edu-cation act with a goal of creating a seamless, high quality world class education system, and has an interest in the ECCE and the restructuring and transformation of the education sector, a curriculum reform, a student support services and also looking at how to give teachers the professional tools needed to provide our vision of a world class education. The MOE’s seam-less approach to education has placed the ECCE among priorities with the drive of moderniz-ing and transforming the process which will give our young children a smooth transition from ECCE to the tertiary level.
EDUCATION POLICY PAPER (1993 - 2003) Section III addresses the delivery system. It speaks to the types of learning environment, programmes and courses of studies (curricula), assessment tools and practices, transitional and articulation mechanisms and procedures, insti-tutional management, teacher preparation and formation practices, materials, cost…
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