Developing Product Knowledge Of The Coffee Shop

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Develop product knowledge Introduction For companies that want to discuss in the coffee shop, in located name is Bangkok cafe in Mansfield Vic. This cafe has been open for a period of two year; this coffee shop serves coffee with food and drink. Time is open from 6 am-4pm Closed on Saturday and Sunday for the shop 's products is made in the store. Whole grain bread and roasted coffee to product quality control and recreate it. In the winter it is best to sell because this located way through to snow for tourists. Part A: Acquire knowledge of products in a specified area: 1. According to the above case study or your selected industry and workplace, identify at least SIX (6) key information sources that can assist you to identify selected products or services. Write down the each of these reference sources and summarise the information that these references can provide to assist you developing the knowledge of selected products or services. In providing your responses, you should also provide a brief analysis of how reliable and valid of these identified information sources. Information sources of selected industry and workplace Summary of the information sources How reliable and valid of these identified information sources 1. Melbourne’s Best Coffee This site has spoken to a good cafe in Melbourne said. Stores that Kang Where is the journey is like a person 's suitability to be certain. access
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