Developing Professional Practice Essay

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REF: 5DPP I01001 INTERMEDIATE CERTIFICATE IN HRM UNIT: 5DPP – DEVELOPING PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE TUTOR: CAROLYN HAYWARD SUBMISSION DATE: 23rd November 2011 STUDENT: JAYNE WILLIAMS ------------------------------------------------- Professionalism in HR ------------------------------------------------- Question 1 ------------------------------------------------- The thought of professionalism conjures up many ideas, and possibly pre-conceived judgements. These will not always be classed as positive or negative, but will undoubtedly have a profound effect on the way you are perceived in your area of work or chosen profession. ------------------------------------------------- The HR Professional will endeavour to…show more content…
------------------------------------------------- Although you have to be very thorough and knowledgeable, there cannot be any room for perfectionists or people that have tendencies to procrastinate. One’s inner strength, intuition and experience will always ultimately give the right outcome, making the professional practitioner robust and therefore letting them make the right decision. ------------------------------------------------- In my opinion the concept of the “Thinking Performer” and its application to every employee means that the organisation has placed its trust and continuation of success in its workforce as a whole, the workforce is obviously the backbone, foundation and integrety of the organisation. Every employee needs to show recognition for this and actively apply consideration, apptitude and efficiency when conducting their everyday job. Each employee needs to consider the “bigger picture” restrain any selfish actions, and feel the need to pro-actively exert themselves, this in turn not only creates an excellent atmostphere to work, but will continuously uphold staff moral. ------------------------------------------------- The CIPD response to Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills consultation ------------------------------------------------- Linda Holbeche,
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