Developing Professional Practice

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CIPD Intermediate Level 5 Assessment Cover Sheet

|Centre Name: Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance |
|Candidate Name: Ali Al-Laith |
|CIPD Registration No: 22357848 |Unique Learner No (ULN): |
| |(if applicable) |
|Qualification Title: Human Resources Diploma - CIPD Level 5-DHRM
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How does it Work? 3

HR Map Design 4

Core Professional Areas 4

1- Insights, Strategy and Solutions and HR Profession 4

2- Leading HR areas and HR Profession 5

Two Examples of Behaviors 6

1- Collaborative 6

2- Role Model 6

How HR Professionals Manage themselves and Others 6

Self-Assessment As Associate Membership 7

My Preferred Development Options 7

Development Plan 9

Bibliography: 10


This report will cover a brief description of the CIPD HR profession map, an evaluation of the two core professional areas , and why managers need to be able to manage themselves, manage teams, manage upwards and across the organization. A self-assessment against specification of HR professional practice capabilities will be undertaken and three development options will be evaluated to meet my personal needs. The report will be ended with a personal development plan of mine that includes my personal development objectives.

CIPD HR Profession Map

What is it?

HR Profession map is a mechanism to assess HR professionals and evaluate their capabilities in
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