Developing Professional Practice in Hrd

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3. Assessments for Developing Professional Practice Assessment Activity 1 Assessment Activity 1 The L&D professional as an added value contributor Learning Outcome • Be able to perform efficiently and effectively as a collaborative member of working groups and teams and as an added-value contributor to the organisation. Scenario You are working with a manager to help meet his section’s development needs. He has been with the company for several years and has always had control of his development budget (decentralised). Until recently HRD has been seen as a reactive support function, but your role has evolved to reflect the changing nature of the HRD function as it becomes more of a strategic business partner. Development…show more content…
How well does the manager manage his team? How much of an interest does he take in the development of his team on an individual and group basis? How often does he speak to them about their development? How encouraging is he? How is he managing the small groups? How much influence does he have over certain team members? Their views could be genuinely held and genuinely match their manager’s, but as the groups have “emerged” I suspect that he is influencing them through using his power as a manager. Potential sources of power that he could be using can be identified by French and Raven’s research (DPPPparticipantpack Page 40): Legitimate – do they believe that because he is their manager that he has the right to expect compliance and acceptance of his own views on their development? Reward – do they believe that he has the ability to give them the development that they want or prevent them from getting any unless they agree with his views? Expert – is the manager declaring that he knows what’s best for them having been in the position for several years? Referent – does the manager have closer interpersonal relationships with certain members who he can influence more easily? Coercive – does the manager issue threats to certain team members if they don’t agree with his views? These threats can be about redundancy, demotion or similar. If the manager is
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