Developing Resources And Capabilities Of The Company

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Developing Resources and Capabilities The company has a plan of policy which they intend to use in the quest to achieve their objectives. These objectives include customer satisfaction by ensuring timely delivery and also increasing the number of products required for sales and thus quench the increased demand for online products (Kotler et al, 2015). Strategy formulation has certain features which need to be put in place so as to ensure that the laid down action plan succeeds. These include: Goals should be the simple, consistent and long term. The strategies agreed upon should be easy to comprehend, and also they should present minimum or no difficulty in their implementation (Kotler et al, 2015). The action plan should also be uniform such that no unnecessary measures will be taken, or inappropriate decisions are made. The warehouse to be used to store the products should be easy to access at any given time. It should also be situated in a location that can be relied upon to be secure and can give room for expansion if need be. The additional employees who will be hired should be carefully vetted so as to ensure they will adapt to the organizational culture and structure (Kotler et al, 2015). They should be able to consistently provide the best output for a long time. The transportation option for the products should also be simple to work with and also reliable. In the strategy making process, the co-owners should have intense understanding of the competitive
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