Developing ‘Savory Rosti’ Crisps at Dreddo Dan’s

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Developing ‘Savory Rosti’ crisps at Dreddo Dan’s p.205 Case synopsis This case exercise covers many issues found in new product and service development projects. In particular, the case examines a new type of product that is to be launched in an uncertain and unpredictable market and also carries some development risks. Above all, the project is a significant development for the company, with both the potential for major competitive benefits and some downside risk. Monica Allen, the Technical VP of PJT’s snack division, has defined the questions in her analysis of the project. She sees the key decisions as follows: • How to resource the project. In other words, how many people to devote to developing the new product. • Whether to…show more content…
4. Flexibility – the ability to respond to competitors once they react and launch a competitive product. This means that they should have a long term strategy for product development, packaging development, marketing strategy that allows the product to retain the first entry advantage. 5. Cost – she highlighted briefly that this type offering will be expensive, however it promises high and quick ROI. Question 2 – What are the key issues in resourcing this innovation process? 1. Small staff – they would require at least twice the number of staff they currently have 2. Technical staff – They had no microbiological testing experience 3. Plant – they could not depend on the existing baking line – capacity management & technology 4. The development department had been organized around loose functional specialisms 5. Outsourcing – the division had never outsourced to consultants specialized in the food industry Question 3 – What are the main factors influencing resourcing decisions? 1. Budget – shortage of 5$ million and from where to compensate this shortage. 2. Insourcing VS outsourcing and the possibility of leakage especially that this is a two years project in addition to compromising on the quality. 3. Launch date – a shorter launch date would require more staffing e.g. an

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