Developing Self-Awareness Is a Requirement for All Counselling Trainees. Why Might This Be so? Discuss the Benefits and Difficulties of This for the Trainee Practicing Skills in Triads.

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Developing self-awareness as a counsellor is considered “central to many of the mainstream theoretical approaches” (Mcleod, 2009, p624). I will argue that without the development of self-awareness neither a trainee nor qualified counsellor can meet the core conditions set out in most theoretical approaches to counselling, congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard. I will also argue that counselling trainees need to experience the role of client themselves before they can take others on the same road to self discovery. To answer the benefits and difficulties of the counselling trainee developing self-awareness whilst practicing skills in triads I will argue the feedback received from fellow peers can be very beneficial to …show more content…

Sanders (2011) argues that “By talking about ourselves as honestly as we can in a safe environment and listening to the feedback from others, we can check whether the view we have of ourselves is the one received by others” (Sanders, 2011, p61). Feedback not only raises our awareness to what we say but, and perhaps more importantly, how we say it - our non-verbal communication. The influence of non-verbal communication on a clients view of their counsellor can be taught, but I was amazed at just how unaware I was of my own body language. During my first few triads I could not control my hands, eventually opting to sit on them which was perceived as uncomfortable and a result of my nervousness. “Receiving feedback gives us a chance to change and modify in order to communicate more effectively” (Tolan & Lendrum, 1995, p30) and creates awareness of the importance of effective communication when building a genuine relationship with your client. Receiving feedback can also raise our awareness of the value of receiving genuine feedback itself, as well as a need to sensitively communicate feedback to others. This also creates a greater sense of empathy toward others. Triads also enable the trainee to receive feedback from a variety of different people, not just their tutor. The diversity found within a training group will be reflected back to the trainee within feedback received. My group has much diversity with regards to sexuality,

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