Developing The Strategic Planning Process

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Developing the Strategic planning process: Strategic planning is simple process where as experience and knowledge on all aspects of strategic planning makes it easy. In an strategic planning there are some levels and regulations to organize it in efficient manner. First step in strategic planning is to identifying the team leader who is responsible for planning, participating, evaluating and organizing the staff. This maintains some roles, authority ,accountability for the strategic planning. There are 11 stages for strategic planning: Preparation to plan: The first stage of strategic planning is nothing but preparation to plan. In these stage tools, methods and objectives should be identified. This stage also establishes organization and the required staff for the process. Review and Revision of vision/mission/values: The second stage of strategic planning is review and revision of vision, mission and values is done. This is the important stage for strategic planning where the goal for the organization should be identified. The importance of this stage is to identify the goal which is used for formation of strategic planning and gives the importance of strategic planning. Data gathering for input to planning: In this stage data which is used for strategic planning is gathered which is used for analyzing what are the organization needs, what is the current stage of organization and correction of data from the past system is to be done. By this further steps would be
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