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Reflecting on Developing Writing Dexterity Throughout life, one tends to experience change at unceasing rates. Whether it is in one’s professional or personal life, adjustments are always made in the world and its inhabitants. One of the most common sources of alterations is an individual’s academic career. In schools, students learn, develop, and expand into new sorts of people. As once stated by George Bernard Shaw, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” (“George Bernard…”). It is because modifications are required in advancement that educators often encourage students to alter their tactics to succeed in a scholarly setting. For examples, English teachers often allow their…show more content…
For this paper, we were to choose our own topic. The subject of our essay had to be arguable, and we could not take an ethical position. I chose to write about LGBT+ rights, and, since this is a highly controversial topic, I had some trouble when it came to writing about the opposition’s beliefs. However, I fixed these issues for my final copy. On this essay, I met the same four objectives as in paper one. On a portion of “LGBT+ Community: Why Does the Community Deserve Their Rights?” I stated:
On June 28, 1969, several policemen entered the local to arrest the employees in the bar for not possessing a license to vend alcohol as well as residents who were not clothed with gender-appropriate attire… After happenings like the Stonewall Riot, the group began to gain some exposure to losses and victories in their fight towards equal rights. (3)
Because I demonstrated my understanding of the happening at the Stonewall Riot, I revealed how important the uprisings were to the LGBT+ community. The rest of the paragraph consisted of in-depth explanations of the event which helped me argue that the Stonewall Riot was of the most noteworthy events during the group’s fight for their rights. Additionally, the research I conducted while trying to attain this information and caution while attempting to maintain polished prose all helped me meet all the requirements and succeed at this assignment. Lastly, essay two aided me as I approached a complete understanding of how to understand the opposition’s claim and counter - argue their
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