Developing Your Professional Identity Is Good For Any Profession

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Developing your Professional Identity An effective professional identity is good for any profession, especially a counseling profession. When a person develops a professional identity it says who they are and what they stand for in that profession. It also says they know about that profession and could tell another anything they would like to know about that profession. When a person knows about there profession they can answer any questions they have about that profession. In this paper the author will discuss the difference between two of the specializations of the counseling discipline. Then this paper will discuss how to use the terms wellness, resilience, and prevention in a counseling discipline. In this paper the author will discuss how the licensure plays a role in being a counselor. This paper will also discuss the issues of, how certain associations can help ones professional identity, how to continue the professional development of counselors, and how technology can play an impact on the counseling profession. Differences in Two Counseling Specializations The first specialization this author would like to discuss is mental health counseling (MHC). MHC is a specialization that stresses: “developmental, preventive, and educational as well as remedial aspects of mental health care” (Smith & Robinson, 1995, p. 158). Some also consider this profession a hybrid and it has an uncomfortable connection between the professions of psychology and educational counseling.
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