Developing Yourself as Effective Hr Practitioner

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The purpose of this report is to outline the responsibilities of a H.R practioner and users of the service. It explains the different communication methods used whilst providing effective service delivery.
Task 1.1
Explain the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be effective in an identified HR role.
Refer to the HRPM, and include a summary of the HRPM (including the 2 core professional areas) and an explanation of the activities and knowledge, at either band 1 or 2, of any one of the professional areas.
The H.R profession Map is used in all organisations as a criteria for those in the H.R profession to set standards so that those in H.R can succeed and achieve to its full potential through their whole career.
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However the needs of all the above may be conflicting . The directors may make changes to the business that employees and line managers may not be happy with. The H.R department would need to prioritise important factors as to why there is conflict and how it can overcome them. Line managers may require employees to work long hours to meet needs of the business. If employees are unhappy maybe a rewards recognition system can be put into place at the same time taking consideration the business needs. Adequate training and counciling can be put into place. H.R would need to prioritise things ensuring business needs are met, taking into consideration all others so it reaches a right balance.

Task 2.2
Identify different methods of communication and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Identify 3 methods and advantages and disadvantages of each.

“One skill that runs through every aspect of working life:- the ability to communicate effectively. It is the heart of excellent customer care and is central to developing positive working relationships with your customers”. (Frances et al Bee, 1998, p25).
Face to face, telephone and using electronic communications such as emails and intranets.
Advantages of face to face
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