Developing Yourself as an Effective Hr Practitioner (4dep)

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Activity 1 The Human Resources Profession Map: The CIPD HRPM is a developmental tool that sets out activities, behaviours and guidelines to become a successful HR Professional. Without a Human Resources team, many companies would fall apart. By HR professionals following the guidelines set by the profession map, this would assure that any organisation would be sustainable and successful. The Core Professional Areas: There are two 2 Core Professional Areas • Insight, Strategies and Solutions – By having an insight into organisations, you are able to spot opportunities and are able to turn them into strategies and solutions. By doing this you are able to meet organisational needs now and in the future. • Leading HR – Having leadership…show more content…
The rewards should be relevant and cost effective. • Employee Engagement - This is the communication between an employee and staff on all levels. There are 3 dimensions of employee engagement - Intellectual, Affective and Social. If these dimensions are positive, encouraging and work related, staff will feel valued and make greater contributions towards the organisation. • Employee Relations – This is ensuring there is a trust based relationship between line manager and employees. Line managers should be able to help employees, be approachable and offer guidance. Staff should be able to accept constructive criticism but also be able to offer this, if it is of value to the organisation. • Service Delivery and Information - It is important that the information provided by HR is given out to the correct person, accurately, efficiently and timely. If information is passed to the wrong person you could be prosecuted for breaching confidentiality. There are 8 behaviours that professionals should be able to use in their everyday work life. If these are followed, a successful organisation should be achieved. • Decisive Thinker – Having the ability to make decision quickly and effectively. • Skilled Influencer – Having the ability to influence throughout the organisation, understanding people’s positions and guiding them through situations that may arise. • Personally Creditable – If, as an individual, you can be personally creditable,

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