Developing Yourself as an Effective Learning and Development Practitioner

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Title of unit

Developing yourself as an Effective Learning and Development Practitioner.

Learning Outcomes 1:- Understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective L&D practitioner

Activity 1


Write a report in which you:

Briefly summarise the HRPM (i.e. the 2 core professional areas, the specialist professional areas, the bands and the behaviours)

3, 4 & 5


Comment on the activities and knowledge specified within any 1 professional area, at either band 1 or band 2, identifying those you consider most essential to your own (or other identified( L&D role


Learning Outcomes 2:- Know how to deliver timely and effective
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If you look at the diagram above on page 3 you can see 3 main sections to the Map. One of the sections within the Map outlines the 10 key Professional areas. In the centre of the map we have two main heading called Insights, Strategy & Solutions as shown below in table 1.
Table 1:- The 10 Professional Areas

Centre two headings

1. Insights, Strategy & Solutions

It is important for HR Practitioners (HRPs) to have a deep understanding of business and a holistic view of HR and how it contributes to strategy & organisational development.

2. Leading HR

HRPs should provide active, insight-led leadership i.e. able to portray personal leadership to continually learn and develop as a professional practitioner & seek to develop their understanding of the business by identifying ways in which they can support the business improvement: Which is identified by the 8 headings in the middle cycle

Table 2:- shows the other eight professional areas in a clockwise direction, each has an extended definition to clarify the key requirements of people who work in that area.

Table 2:- the other eight professional areas in a clockwise direction

1. Organisation Design

HRPs need to ensure as closely as possible that the organisation is appropriately designed to deliver its objectives in the short and long-term and that structural change is effectively managed.

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