Essay on Developing a Business Plan

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Our plan is to have various t-shirt designs promoting “going green”. We also plan to have these designs printed on other things as well such as recycled bags. Our main colors that we are most definitely going to use are green on white, so that the green is very bold and simple, but we will offer other colors as well. We will use the best quality t-shirts and bags so that they will last for a long time and will be worth your money. The benefit for selling these shirts is that the customers will be our prime donator to our charities because their interest in our store is going towards our selected charities. The designs we select will be chosen carefully and selectively. We want our designs to appealing so that other people would want to buy …show more content…
We would also like to build a website where our products will be catalogued and viewed by our prospective customers and buy from there for an easier access.
Survey has been successfully practiced for a long time. It serves its purpose in getting data from a certain number of people that represents that population. The first step for this process is by asking the customers, it can be either yours or your competitors. By asking them, the owner will get an idea for new approaches to attract more prospective customers. Second, gathering data from the store’s own records. Identifying which products sells the most and which one does not. From there, the people in charge of marketing will figure out how to develop the products.
A new way of selling products today is internet shopping. It has become popular due to its easy accessibility and process. We would also like to give our customers an option of whether they would want to visit our store or our online shop. The advantage of the online shop is that, our new arrivals can first be seen on the site. People are realizing that things can be recycled; it saves money and helps the environment. These factors are what we’d like to express to our customers through our products. Our store benefits our customers by letting them finally have a green store to go to, a place to learn more about recycling or recycled products, and a small percentage of our income will go to benefit our charities.
We plan to have our
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