Developing a Company Network Security Policy

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Configuring Files, NTFS and Backups Companies are prone to more threats to their information now more than ever before. With employees having the capabilities to access the company’s network both in and out of the office, increases the potential that information or the access to information may end up in the wrong hands. It is because of these threats that companies create and enforce network security policies. A network security policy is a document that states how company intends to protect the company’s physical and information technology assets. (Rouse, 2007) A security policy is intended to be a living document that is constantly evolving as threats and preventative measures change. The network security policy is more than just a list of rules however, it can be used to educate users on what to look for to prevent threats fro occurring and how to respond and report threats if a user believes a systems has become compromised. In addition, the policy also explains how enforcement will be maintained and consistent evaluation of the policy will be reviewed to make any necessary changes.
Sample Company Network Security Policy Sample Company does not have a network security policy currently. The goal is to create a security policy that does not prevent users from being able to complete their work regardless of location but also provides enforceable guidelines that ensure that the network and the information stored on the network is safe from threats
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