Developing a Computer Training Evaluation Plan

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Developing the evaluation plan is a complex process in and of itself, and it must be matched carefully to the training method selected before effective measurement and evaluation can take place. The necessities for creating and implementing an effective training program evaluation plan are described in the following pages, with special reference to certain pertinent details at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
Developing an Evaluation Plan The first step in developing an effective evaluation plan for any training program or other educational endeavor is to establish what specific learning outcomes the program or education is supposed to provide (Spaulding, 2009). At the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, the fifty employees that will be evaluated probably have a range of knowledge and skill information related to the proper method for recording and reporting as well as actually performing various aspects of their jobs. The program evaluation can take the form of simple computer-based testing for certain learning outcomes, but should probably include some practical observation and analysis, as well (Kirkpatrick, 2008;…

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