Developing a Differentiated Product or Service and Marketing Program

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Strategic Plan Differentiation Strategy This strategy involves developing a differentiated product or service and marketing program such that the customers view it as being unique. Speedy Bike sales and Services focuses on top performance by focusing on important customer benefit value by a segment of the market. According to Kotler (1986 ), customers prefer products ar services with low prices. Speedy Bike Sales and Services intend to improve customer retention, to improve customer satisfaction and to increase the number of referrals by providing a less expensive, alternative form of transportation. The product here is differentiated from the competition providing value to the customer by enhancing the need to mitigate the issues of childhood obesity (Aaker, 1991). This strategy work best if There is more than one way to differentiate Speedy Bike Sales and Services offering from that of competitors and most of the buyers view the differences as having value. The customer's needs and uses are diverse There are few competitors adopting the same approach Implementing Implementing this strategy requires unique resources and skills. It incorporates different organizational arrangements, control procedures, and inventive systems. The strategy requires marketing and information technology strategies and tactics. It requires strong marketing ability including superior coordination among functions in product development and marketing. It requires product engineering

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