Developing a Generic Communications Plan Template

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Develop a Generic Communications Plan Template Name Institutional Affiliation Date Develop a Generic Communications Plan Template Plan Task Communication activities Strategizing communication Setting up channels of communication Assembling facilities and apparatus required Relaying relevant issues Setting up points of interest to be communicated Selecting relevant channels of communication Reaching out Communicating the issues at hand Issuing materials and other facilities that contain the communication at hand Collection of feedback Collecting feedback from the recipients Taking responses for analysis and feedback Responding to feedback Analyzing and issuing respective responses to the feedback from the recipients Assessing effectiveness of communication within the organization Sitting strengths and weaknesses Recording results against the hypothesis derived initially Awarding a score to the general process of communication Strategizing communication Different channels of communication within the Project Management Office (PMO) should be established with the essence of fostering equitable communication. Various channels can be used in this avenue. For instance, the channels of communication that can be used include the social media, public broadcasts, and internal memos within the organization. In order to have equitable management of the project, all the channels of communication should be within reach and capacity of people to use.
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