Developing a Mentor Program for Nurses

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"This example shaped me as a leader," she says, and her work with a professional career coach convinced her of the strength of her newfound career. All of this led her to join the university as a career coach in summer 2008. Today, she supports the postgraduation pursuits of MBA candidates-lending her mentoring style along the way. "Mentoring is a special quality, skill set and attitude," she says. "The benefits are not only between the mentor and mentee, but the future generations." Invaluable Instrument for Onboarding After a 32-year career in human resources and nine years in her current position, Tamara Trummer still considers the benefits of the mentoring relationships she took advantage of as a newly minted college graduate. They gave her the "business smarts" necessary to get off to a good start. "I found mentors in two of my early companies, both male and female managers, who 'taught me the ropes ' in an informal sense by giving me inside information about the company, certain executives-and even such practical things as how to conduct business travel and handle an expense account," she says. One mentor, for example, arranged for her to spend a week at the corporate office, where he set up meetings for her with the key players in the corporate HR function that she would need to work with. "It was truly a gift and invaluable for me, working in a remote
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