Developing a Motivational Plan Essay

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Running head: DEVELOPING A MOTIVATIONAL PLAN Developing A Motivation Plan Grand Canyon University: EDA 575 Developing a Motivational Plan A motivation plan for any school is extremely important for the success of any educational program. Students who are not motivated will not learn and in turn won 't succeed. Many components should be included in a motivational plan so that all the needs of students are met and each student has goals that are attainable and can be reached. According to Hersey (2008), "Goals should be set high enough that a person has to stretch to reach them but low enough that they can be attained." Goal setting, rewards, both tangible and non-tangible, and a sense of belonging are motivational…show more content…
Students get awards every semester for achieving milestones in these categories and I believe that it does increase student motivation. If a student is close to the end of the semester and has a B+ in one class, they will are motivated to raise that one grade in order to get the highest award presented to them in front of their parents, teachers, and students, since we do the award ceremony during the school day. I have personally seen the motivation that is created by these awards and I plan to include this in my motivational plan as well. Intangible awards can also be very successful in creating motivation and are more beneficial long term although short term effects may not be as common as with the tangible rewards. Students respond to intrinsic rewards like praise, self assurance, and accomplishment. "There are, however, many intangible rewards, such as praise or power, that are just as important and effective for use as incentives when endeavoring to evoke a particular behavior" (Hersey, 2008). To incorporate this into my plan I would like to see more praise for good behavior, as well as giving students more choices in the classroom. By giving students choices, they will feel more empowered by their choice and feel more accomplished when they achieve it, resulting in increase motivation. Finally, I would like to see a good sense of community and belonging in my school community. According to
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