Essay on Developing a Responsive Police Organisation

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"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." -- Abraham Lincoln INTRODUCTION The responsibility to maintain a peaceful society is shared by each level of government; local, state, and federal. However, because crime is an immediate threat to the communities, the police have a highly visible and primary role in overcoming the threat and fear of crime. The process of policing a democratic society is complex and due to this fact, a police department is probably one of the most difficult public institutions to manage effectively. It is therefore important to have processes that are critical to operating police departments and their commitments in securing peace in the society. In…show more content…
In this discussion, police culture is defined as ““The concept of police culture is comprised of the merging of two major components a) the image of impartial and professional crime fighters that the police have of themselves, and b) a system of beliefs and behaviour not described in published manuals or agency value statements.””. The discussion of police culture is more appropriate to be addressed on the significance of organisational culture particularly in police agencies with the development of the culture to cope with its internal problems and external changes that occur in a democratic society. This article argues that although most police agencies have taken steps to reform the administrations by minimising the effects of police culture, in order to create a more transparent and responsive police organisations, the inherent problem i.e. police culture that exist will continually be adapted by police officers to survive when responding to various demands brought upon by the evolving societies. Police culture has been identified as one of the limiting factors in creating a more open and responsive police organisation. ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE – POLICE CULTURE By definition, organisational culture is the shared beliefs, values, and norms that bind people together and help them make sense of the systems within an organisation. The beliefs, values, and norms tell
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